Three destinations for Dybala if he leaves Juventus

Does it stay or does it go? With the recent news that Dybala would have decided not to renew contract To continue his career at Juventus, in Italy they are already speculating about the possible fate of the Jewel. The alternatives are varied: Tottenham, Inter Milan, Barcelona and there is even talk of Paris Saint-Germain and Atlético Madrid. Where do you see it best?

Will it continue in Calcio? (REUTERS)

Everything would indicate that finally Paulo Dybala no go to renovar su vínculo with the Old Lady. Several twists and turns delayed the decision and the former Institute would be free in july, something that makes it a great appeal for many clubs who would have already established contact with the striker.

Although everything indicated that the renovation was almost a fact, and that the postponement was linked to minor details, Dybala negotiates his future with the pass in his possession since January 1. The tanos media are playing it and speculating that the Cordoba could be Barsa reinforcement and thus continue his career in La Liga, or that could migrate to the Premier League to join Tottenham. They also claim that it would have had Inter offers to stay at Calcio and PSG.

What happened to the Jewel?

A few weeks ago, the postponement of the signing of Paulo Dybala’s contract with Juventus attracted attention. Dybala himself had confessed: “The renewal can wait, at this moment the club has other things to talk about and solve”, in relation to legal investigations to which Juve is being subjected for different accusations of mismanagement of economic records among other issues.

At the beginning of December the signing of the contract had also been postponed. At that time the change of conditions by the club was mentioned as the cause of discord, something that to this day would seem to be the main reason why Paulo would leave Juve.

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