Three are allowed to play right away: These are the rookie quarterbacks of the NFL

Five quarterbacks were drawn within the first 15 picks in the last draft – never before in NFL history. Three of them will already play at the beginning. These are the new faces …

Two who know the spotlight: Justin Fields (left) and Trevor Lawrence were already successful in high school and college.

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Trevor Lawrence: An exceptional talent must learn to lose

“The greatest talent of his generation”, “the ultimate prototype of a franchise quarterback”, “the best college quarterback of all time” – the advance praise that Trevor Lawrence brings to the NFL is huge. In the last few years, the media and experts have practically overtaken each other over the skills of the 21-year-old. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ first overall pick is one of the greatest talents the NFL has ever entered, with his six-foot-tall, strong limber arm, accurate passports, and impressive athleticism.

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At the age of seven, the new Jaguars playmaker could already throw the ball 35 yards and lost just four of 90 games in high school and college. Lawrence is a winning guy who is now supposed to lead a team to success that has recently won little. His appearances in the preseason were solid and unspectacular – a description of the state that the Jags would like to take with them at first. Because of the great promise of his talent, there is a certain pressure on the broad shoulders of Lawrence, who in all likelihood will first have to cope with a rather unknown experience: he will lose games.

Zach Wilson: A walking highlight tape with residual risk

Zach Wilson

Had a good laugh in the preseason: Zach Wilson was convincing.
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Zach Wilson is in a similar situation, who was only drawn one pick after Lawrence by the New York Jets in the draft. The 22-year-old from Utah will be the starting quarterback of the Jets in the first game against the Carolina Panthers and will meet his hapless predecessor Sam Darnold (now Carolina Panthers). In order for Wilson not to fare like Darnold, the team has to provide him with better conditions – but Wilson also has to justify the draft hype, which Darnold never managed to do in NY.

The focus of the second overall pick was only in his senior year of college at BYU, ending the season with an impressive 33 touchdowns and only three interceptions in twelve games. What catches the eye above all is its quality, buying time through its mobility and extending moves outside the structure. His college tape is bursting with spectacular plays – but unlike Lawrence or Justin Fields, Wilson didn’t attract much attention before, which brings a residual risk for the jets in terms of constancy. However: In the preseason, Wilson knew how to convince, and, according to many analysts, showed the best performances of all five rookie quarterbacks. That should give the Jets hope that their seemingly endless search for the franchise quarterback will come to an end.

Trey Lance: The Flawless Mystery That Can Wait

Trey Lance, Jimmy Garoppolo

Competitors for the starting place: Trey Lance (left) and Jimmy Garoppolo.
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The draft’s great mystery remained until the very last moment: Who do the San Francisco 49ers choose with their dearly traded third pick? It became Trey Lance – a quarterback who only played a single game this past college season due to the coronavirus pandemic. In general, the 1.93-meter-tall Lance had only played a full season – and that at North Dakota State University, where he was not confronted with the best defenses in the country. A big risk for the Niners? Not for Head Coach Kyle Shanahan. He “fell in love with his game tape”, said the offense mastermind after the draft in an interview, was “obsessed” with Lance’s abilities.

Particularly impressive: In the 2019 college season, Lance did not throw a single interception in 16 games, and also showed his enormous athletic potential with a total of 14 rushing touchdowns and over 1000 rushing yards. Lance should also benefit from Shanahan the other way round: The Niners coach usually knows how to stage his playmakers perfectly, Lance probably has the best circumstances of all rookie quarterbacks. And: He will initially take on the replacement role behind Jimmy Garoppolo and slowly be introduced to the NFL. A model that has often led to success in the past.

Justin Fields: The “Relentless” is used to the limelight

Justin Fields will also find himself on the bench at the beginning. However, it is considered certain that the 22-year-old will take over for transition quarterback Andy Dalton at the Chicago Bears during the season – depending on his performance, maybe even sooner than later. Unlike Lance or Wilson, Fields is used to being in the national spotlight. He’s been in the college play-offs with the Ohio State Buckeyes for the past two years, and his talent attracted a lot of attention in high school – even if at that point he was always number two in his class behind child prodigy Lawrence .

The fact that he fell to eleventh place in the draft came as a surprise to many observers due to Fields’ obvious qualities – mobility, strong arm, throws across the middle of the field. One possible reason: According to some media reports, Fields was accused of a lack of work attitude. An accusation that the Bears decidedly rejected after their impressions during the preparation. Fields’ will is “relentless”, praised Head Coach Matt Nagy. “He’s got this competitive urge. He’s working on it all the time.”

Mac Jones: The Brady blend with a major drawback

Mac Jones

New conductor of the Patriots Offense: Mac Jones.
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The footsteps could hardly be bigger. With almost a year delay, Mac Jones is to succeed Tom Brady in New England. Quite surprisingly, the 23-year-old prevailed in preparation against former NFL MVP Cam Newton, who was even fired – Jones, the 15th pick of the last draft, will be the starter of the Patriots from Week 1 on. He earned this place through excellent performance in the preseason. And somehow it was also logical that coaching legend Bill Belichick (six-time Super Bowl champion) would like someone like Jones as a playmaker – because the parallels to NFL legend Brady are there.

Jones has a high level of game intelligence and throws very accurately, and he also knows how to win big games. Last January he led the Alabama Crimson Tide to the college championship, in the final against Ohio State and Justin Fields, he threw for 464 yards and five touchdowns. But what also connects him to Brady: Jones is not particularly agile compared to the other rookie quarterbacks, he lacks mobility. In the modern NFL, that’s not exactly ideal – but neither is it an obstacle to achieving great things. Brady has proven that more than once – keyword seven Super Bowl rings …

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