This is the relationship between Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido today

The intense love story of Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido it is worth remembering. The couple got married very much in love in 2008, or so they showed. Still, it was a short relationship and the fairy tale they broadcast in show business finally ended very badly after 3 years.

The intense love story of Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido

It seems like it was yesterday that Don Omar I threw everything out the window starring next to Jackie Guerrido one of the most special weddings ever seen. It was a wedding fit for a romantic movie. However, their separation, soon after, shook the show and put an end to that relationship.

Their romance began in the summer of 2007. They began a beautiful bond and they seemed very happy together. In fact, everyone said that they lived spellbound to the point that the singer looked happier than ever.

It should be remembered that when they arrived at the party for the magazine’s Star of the Year People in spanish –in December 2007-, the passion they showed was so irrepressible that sparks flew with every step they took.

Although Jackie was about 6 years older than him, that difference was never noticed. She supported him in everything and so they looked inseparable. Until, in early 2008, the reggaeton player unexpectedly generated a controversy by sending threats to his wife through Twitter.

“SOURCE: People in Spanish”

This is the relationship between Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido today

After their divorce, which was in April 2008, the television presenter surprised everyone when she said: “I feel super happy. I have always said that a person who depends on another to be happy loses his essence.”

The reasons for that public message to Don Omar were never fully disclosed and although the journalist assured that they have a good relationship, in a reunion they had on Miami radio -in April 2017- a lot of tension was palpable between them. .

It should be noted that although Don Omar He has always been very secretive about his private life, to this day when it comes to his ex-wife Jackie Guerridoleaves a lot of fabric to cut.

For an interview with the controversial journalist Javier Ceriani, when asked by his ex-partner Jackie, to find out how the situation was between them at that time, the reggaeton player said:

“Jackie is fine, she’s already a grandmother” and immediately got a comment from the journalist who said “Jakie adores you” adding “I never stop falling in love with you.” I adore them. ”

However, as of today between Don Omar and Jackie Guerrido, although both claim to have an excellent relationship, they never decided to explain well what happened between them. What do you think? Could it have been because of some infidelity?

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