This is how the map remained after the hard defeat of the Frente de Todos

The Front of All suffered a tough electoral defeat Throughout the country and in many provinces the result of the 2019 presidential elections was reversed, in which the ruling coalition had been forcefully imposed.

Unlike what happened in 2019, when Together for Change won only in the central provinces of the country, in these elections PASO the main opposition front prevailed in much of the country and the Map it was painted yellow.

Together for Change was imposed in Corrientes, in the Buenos Aires province, in the City of Buenos Aires, in Santa Fe, in Córdoba, in Mendoza, in Entre Ríos, in La Pampa, in Chubut, in Chaco, in Jujuy, in Misiones, in Santa Cruz and in Tierra del Fuego.


While the Front of All it maintained its hegemony in the provinces of San Juan, La Rioja, Catamarca, Tucumán, Santiago del Estero and Formosa.

The ruling coalition suffered hard defeats in several provinces in which in 2019 he won comfortably and the results worry the ruling party ahead of the legislative elections in November.

Diego Santilli and Facundo Manes made a very good choice in the province of Buenos Aires.

The defeats More surprises occurred in the province of Buenos Aires, in Chaco, in La Pampa and in Santa Cruz, bastions where Kirchnerism used to make good choices.


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