Thiago Cunha and Chantal Gayoso told how their relationship began "between song and song"

On Monday night the program premiered Here you dance Channel 13, where Thiago Cunha marked his return to television hand in hand with his current partner Chantal Gayoso. The couple were the first to appear on stage dancing salsa.

“They met two years ago on a track like this. There, between song and song, love was born ”, presented the host of the program, Sergio Lagos.

And it is that the couple met in Dancing for a Dream, also from Channel 13, according to recalled the same dancer during his presentation.

“We met in another dance program,” said the Brazilian, to which the former member of Red assured that “Altiro didn’t catch my attention”.

“But from there, little by little, we were talking “, Cunha said. “The girl was very difficult,” he joked.

According to Gayoso, the dance duo’s strength is “complicity, power, strength, the energy that we project”.

Cunha for his part commented that their relationship is currently linked to “dance, work and love: all together.”

“I think it’s perfect. If it were easy it wouldn’t be funny “he added.

During the qualifications, Francisca García-Huidobro recalled her time in the previous program. “Who told you that you were going to polo?”He began by asking, assuring that the couple owed him thanks for bringing them together.

“You guys swore to me that no wadding, but you can tell that it is. Now all that distance that was seen in the Dancing it generated a tension that is not seen today “, he pointed out.

Cunha has a son with her ex-partner Thati Lira. Regarding your family, the Brazilian takes over the upbringing of Pedro while Lira visits him every 15 days. Then, the dancer assured that his new partner gets along well with his son.

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