They seize weapons, kilos of marijuana and more than $ 11 million after an operation in Ercilla: there are 3 detainees

With the seizure of firearms, ammunition, 2 vehicles, drugs and $ 11 million in cash, the so-called operation ended. “South Link” in the commune of Ercilla, region of La Araucan√≠a. There were 3 detainees.

The investigation corresponds to the work of the OS-7 Carabineros in the region, with the support of the Gope, personnel from the COP Prefecture, the Air Section, and the High Complexity Prosecutor’s Office.

After the raid on 5 homes in the community Boyen Mapu from the Pidima sector, the seizure of two rifles, a shotgun, a revolver, ammunition, bulletproof vests, two trucks, 11 kilos of marijuana and more than $ 11 million in cash.

As a result of the operation, 3 people were arrested, a man and two women, who would find themselves involved in the crime of drug trafficking and violation of the Arms Law.

This was confirmed by the Inspector General Esteban Diaz, National Director of Order and Security of the Carabineros de Chile.

“We are going to continue working day by day and making the maximum effort to stop these criminals who are not only engaged in drug trafficking, carrying firearms, but also carrying out attacks in the area”, were part of their words, alluding to what happens in the South Macrozone.

The 41, 45 and 20-year-old detainees were at the disposal of the Collipulli Guarantee Court to face the detention control hearing this Saturday, and the information was made available to the Public Ministry.

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