They seek to suspend the execution of mortgage sentences in Mendoza until 2023

These are foreclosures for the purpose of collecting UVA mortgage debts, that fall on a single, family and permanent occupation dwelling, whether they have a file in process or already have a final judgment.

After the 2001 crisis, those who subscribed mortgages for a single family home were unable to meet the obligations assumed and for this reason a conflict is generated that promotes legislative concern, which is why numerous norms were promulgated for the protection of rights.

In Mendoza, Laws 8005 and 8182 were enacted, which established methods of action and priority for the safeguarding those mortgage debtors that, overcome for economic reasons and the future of the trials, they had the opportunity to be reached with due protection.

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The problem of UVA credits remains unsolved.

The second office corresponds to a project presented by the now deputy Daniela García, when she was a senator. This is file N ° 72502 through which he requests declare Historical, Cultural and Tourist Heritage to the Historical Chapel located in El Plumerillo in Las Heras.

File No. 74990, whose author is the Senator Natacha Eisenchlas, which proposes a Modification of some articles of Law 6722 regarding special winter licenses for police personnel. The issue has already been analyzed by the authorities of the Ministry of Security and they agree as it comes to give legal support to an action that had been regularly carried out in the institution.

This is the special winter franchise that is granted annually to personnel who carry out their work in the field of the Security portfolio. The granting of this franchise is a way of recognizing the predisposition, effort, discipline, dedication and commitment to the community that police personnel develop, especially in those cases in which exemplary behavior is observed in the fulfillment of their duty.

Until now, the regulatory instrument used has been successive ministerial resolutions that are renewed annually. Notwithstanding which, and taking into account the great legitimacy that this measure enjoys within the police force, the legislators considered it necessary to translate it into a Law that incorporates into the normative plexus of our province an instrument whose effectiveness has been sufficiently proven to over the years in terms of an empathetic human resources policy aimed at the well-being of the staff.

The fourth favorable dispatch corresponds to file N ° 49737 that accumulates to 72916 through which articles 2, 4, 6 and 9 of Law 7346 modifying Law 3058 of the closed number system for the exercise of the profession of notaries.

Finally, files N ° 75991 and 74990 were under study. The first is authored by Senator Samuel Barcudi and seeks to create a specific office in the Consumer Defense Directorate for legal advice, follow-up, receipt of complaints about fraud and crimes through the theft of data over the internet or phone calls. For the analysis of this project last week was the Director of Consumer Defense, Mónica Lucero de Nofal.

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