They robbed a house and during the flight they collided with a light pole

Two young people of 19 and 28 years were arrested on the night of this Friday in the Mendoza department of Maipú after robbing a home. The owner of the house managed to see what was happening on the cameras and notified the police. The criminals managed to be arrested at crash the car in which they were fleeing against a lamp post. The vehicle was inside a ditch.

Around 20 on Friday, the owner of a house located at 3000 Bruno Morón street in Coquimbito saw through the security cameras incorporated into his cell phone that two criminals They had jumped over the dividing wall and after breaking the bars of one of the rooms, they broke into their home.

The Police hijacked the vehicle and recovered what was stolen

The victim notified 911 and officers from the sub-police station managed to intercept the criminals in the vicinity of Urquiza and Morón. After a short chase, the thieves lost control of the shot and ended up hitting a pillar of light.

Thanks to the crash, the 19 and 28-year-olds were arrested. Investigators found cash, a notebook and a 42-inch television in the vehicle, all items that had been stolen from the home.


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