They returned to Bahia: Roller Dreams celebrated their gold medal at home

The girls from the Bahian figure skating team Roller Drems returned to the city this Tuesday after participating in the world championship of the discipline in which they won the championship in the Precision category and fourth place in the Quartet.

“The parents organized something here at the surprise club. It is super nice to be able to meet the family and to be able to celebrate with them here at the club, ”said coach Gabriela Montecchiari, in contact with The Compass 24.

The team went through an arduous task to raise the money that would allow them to compete in La Asunción (Paraguay) where the competition was held. In addition to the economic issue, some of the restrictions due to the pandemic complicated the plans, but they finally managed to represent Argentina in the event.

“It was very exciting, as soon as the tournament ended we felt a lot of sensations. Then it was a few days until the quartet competed, which also had a brilliant performance and was one step away from the podium in a tremendous category. After arriving here, relive it again ”, assured Montecchiari.

At the club they saw the video again tonight and Florencia Albanesi was doing the speech “and told a little about what was this move and what we have been doing, she is part of and knows perfectly everything that is lived and struggles for what it is done ”, he added.

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