A violent assault with a firearm was registered in the Reñaca Alto sector in Viña del Mar, Valparaíso region, where those responsible fled in an unknown direction after getting into a white car. Everything was recorded on video, while neighbors pointed out that the area was previously a quiet sector.

At least four people armed forces assaulted a delivery truck on Wednesday morning, outside the Lomas del Bosque condominium in Reñaca Alto in Viña del Mar, being recorded by a neighbor who lives in one of the neighboring apartments.

The unknown men boarded the truck in broad daylight, stealing an undetermined amount of money and products that it transported, and they fled in a white sedan car. The direction they took is still unknown.

Gabriela Sue, a neighbor of the sector, stated that these types of incidents are not new in the area and added that “this was a quiet sector.”

An auditor from Radio Bío Bío de Valparaíso who also saw the incident contacted La Radio and lamented the violence of the assault.

The head of the Reñaca Tenencia, Germán Espinola, said that this type of crime is not common in the area and that it is not customary to see such violent reactions.

Along the same lines, he declared that they are in the process of establishing the causes and find the whereabouts of those responsible of this violent assault.

The event was recorded in a video accessed by Radio Bío Bío and which is available below: