Following the recent appointment of the auditor and public accountant, Clauss Lindemann, as the new ministerial regional secretary of the Sport, the Socialist deputy, Fidel Espinoza, He described the government’s action as a shame and a mockery.

The parliamentarian also pointed his darts at the presidential delegate, who – according to his words – lied by ensuring that the former mayor of Frutillar has the skills to be a seremi.

The socialist deputy also assured that he sent a letter to the Minister Cecilia Pérez, for you to review the appointment.

The questioned Seremi Lindemann defended his new position, assuring that he has gained experience in community administration, after having spent 4 years as communal chief in Frutillar.

He added to his words that his personal and business life will be springs to advance in his management as Seremi of sport in Los Lagos, with the aim of continuing with the work that his predecessor did.