They manage to put out the beginning of the fire in the Forest of Duendes de Río Turbio and look for those responsible

During this afternoon, there was a scare in Río Turbio because smoke was sighted in the Bosque de Los Duendes. Motorists notified the authorities and, fortunately, the fire was put out before everything happened.

“As of today, a fire started in the Bosque de los Duendes area has alarmed our community. Traffic personnel were conducting preventive tours in said area to guarantee road safety to residents of Río Turbio who enjoy the area for recreation activities and they spotted smoke in a strange area at approximately 2:30 pm. They immediately notified the Undersecretary of Undeveloped Spaces, Mr. Carlos Omar Vega, who approached said area and found a burning fire “, They indicated, in a statement, from the Municipality of Río Turbio.

“The logs, from this illegal fire, were transferred to the foot of a tree, which shows the intention to cause a fire in the Forest of the Goblins,” they said and added: “The Ninth Division of Firefighters and personnel were alerted of the Ministry of Environment and Community to carry out the necessary tasks and quell the fire, which were achieved successfully but not with the anguish of seeing the intentionality of these acts. “

“From the Municipal Government of Río Turbio we ask the community to have information in this regard, have witnessed or seen those who were carrying out fires in unauthorized areas to approach the Municipality of Río Turbio or the local police station,” they stated and advanced that they will look for those guilty of the fact.

“We will advance in the search for those responsible and we will carry out the corresponding procedures for these people to take charge of the damages caused before the courts,” they said.

(The New Day Newspaper)

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