They found a dismembered man inside a freezer and detained a friend

A 34-year-old man was killed by a blow to the head and his dismembered body was found in waste bags inside a home refrigerator in Tigre, Buenos Aires. For the aberrant crime there is a suspect: he is a friend of the victim who confessed and was arrested.

The investigation was opened last Saturday after the victim’s sister reported that she had lost all contact with him for several days, when she left home in a Chevrolet Corsa car.

According to the young woman’s testimony, her brother, Abel Leonardo Barrios, had gone to meet an acquaintance. The man named broke down as soon as the troops arrived at his home and confessed that he had killed Barrios with a blow to the head with a stick and that later he had cut the body with a saw.

The remains of the victim were hidden inside the freezer of a refrigerator that was in the house, distributed in two black nylon bags, although the official confirmation of the forensics in the judicial morgue is still awaited.

During the search at the home, in addition, an 11.25 caliber pistol, a bucket with a mop with blood stains and a saw were seized under a mattress with which the victim was allegedly dismembered.

According to police sources, at the scene they also found a bag with 150 grams of cocaine inside a container that was covered with rice. For the researchers, there was a previous discussion between the two men because they were both under the influence of drugs.

The case, which was initially brought forward by the Departmental Investigations Division (DDI) of San Isidro as an investigation of whereabouts, was re-labeled as Homicide and in the next few hours the prosecutor in the case will investigate the detainee.

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