They find a young Cuban missing in Villa Clara lifeless

the young cuban Alessandro Rodriguez Aguiar, missing since last Friday in the city of Santa Clara, was found dead on the premises of the Universidad Central de Las Villas “Martha Abreu”.

A relative confirmed this Friday to CiberCuba that the young man, 23 years old, was found dead in the Faculty of Medical Sciences from Santa Clara, where he studied and worked.

Although initially the family stated that the 23-year-old “they killed him”, the police and the experts said that it could be a suicide, because his wallet appeared intact along with all his belongings and the body showed no signs of violence, the source told our publication.

Several posts on Facebook have also echoed the news, and have thanked the people who collaborated in the search for the young man, who disappeared after attending an exam at the University.

Rodríguez Aguiar lived near the “Fe del Valle” high school and worked in a laboratory in the hospital zone of the city, where the University is located. Likewise, it transpired that he was studying chemical engineering in a course per meeting.

Information that circulated on social networks in search of some clue about his whereabouts explained that he had last been seen on Friday at 6.30 pm while walking to the university, and that the police had located his phone at 8 pm in the hospital area.

In that same place his body appeared this Friday, confirmed one of his teachers. “My student was found dead in areas of his workplace,” he explained.

Facebook post. Screenshot circulating on social media

Likewise, other publications indicate that the laboratory was located next to the printing house of the University of Medical Sciences.

A friend of the family had explained to CiberCuba that the Police waited more than 24 hours to begin the search for Rodríguez Aguiar. “It is a law that we know is established, but it cannot be applied indiscriminately. Alessandro is a quiet boy, who does not frequent conflictive friendships and does not even drink. He spends his time studying, working and reading”, he added.

He also reported that after waiting a whole day, the police used dogs to find the trace of the young man, but they could only advance two blocks to an overflowing garbage dump and that the surveillance cameras they reviewed showed an unknown person who has not yet been identified.

He also explained that although the authorities managed to locate the last person with whom Rodríguez Aguiar spoke, they gave him time until Monday to summon him and question him: “In the end, we don’t know how the investigation will be conducted today because they haven’t even been communicated with the relatives,” he said on Tuesday.

The case of Rodríguez Aguiar joins that of other people who remain missing in Cuba. One of them is Leydis Galardy Sotomayor, the mother of two young daughters whom the family has been searching for in the province of Granma since last December 21.

In recent days, dozens of Cubans criticized the Cuban Ministry of the Interior for issuing a statement in which they denied the wave of crimes related to theft of electric motorcycles and assaults in the country.

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