They film the pineapples and blows during a fight outside a bowling alley in General Güemes

A situation of violence was filmed, after this weekend uWe are subject to cling to the pineapples and fist blows at the exit of a bowling alley in the town of General Güemes, a situation that generates discomfort among the residents of the dance venue.

This event took place at dawn on Sunday in the area of ​​a bowling alley that operates on Sarmiento Street and February 20, in the B ° Centro in front of the Mariano Moreno National School. The episode was recorded in a video where you can see the protagonists of the fight andFacing up in the middle of the street they hit, shake, jerk each other, and with the presence of the police which tries to calm the spirits.

As indicated by the medio CalendarSalta, the neighbors are tired and the return of the night dance activity has awakened the fights with it. “That bowling alley is a club that harms the neighbors on weekends and it generates insecurity ”, claimed the residents.

In the same way, they pointed out that during the morning, when they go out into the street, they come across their sidewalks that are wet, vomited and with cartons of wine scattered throughout the area. “Nobody does anything and it is time for the municipality to act as well as the police to restore the tranquility that the neighbors deserve, “they expressed their discontent.

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