They film “O+”, a film about discrimination and rejection based on real events

Filming began in Buenos Aires of O+, the first co-production between the Dominican Republic and Argentina, directed by Bruno Musso and in which bachata and tango are mixed.

Starring Victorio D’Alessandro, Evelyna Rodríguez and Danilo Reynoso, the film is inspired by real events; Filming began in December 2021 in different locations and natural settings in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and moved its main cast to begin filming in Argentina.

The film, produced by Pop Entertainment, Focus Cinevideo and Cardinal Films, tells the story of two prosperous Dominicans living in Buenos Aires in the 1990s, when sexually transmitted diseases were a death sentence.

The protagonists have to live the consequences of rejection, prejudice and ignorance, after being diagnosed with a syndrome with very little information and few treatments, so going back to their roots could represent, beyond health, a new beginning.

At the end of 2021, D’Alessandro shared part of the shooting in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, on his networks and thanked Musso for “the confidence in enhancing the composition”, since it allows the actors to play in Search for your characters. “Closing the year again as the previous one ended rolling. Embracing this privilege, and giving it all as always. Head, common sense, intuition, perseverance, discipline, desire to work and a lot of claw. Without Passion we go nowhere. This is on its way and we are following it in Baires!”, Celebrated the actor who rose to fame for his participation in Almost angels.

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