They extracted more than 200 dead trees in Parque de Mayo so far this year

The Commission for the Protection and Development of Urban Trees met yesterday in the Deliberative Council and officials of the commune made a count of the plantations carried out in the city in 2021 and of the interventions that had to be carried out in the Parque de Mayo for the amount of dry or bad trees.

The meeting was carried out in the legislature and the representatives of the Public Spaces area and the Municipality’s Forestry Management Department showed data on the interventions made so far this year.

One of the most outstanding points has to do with the extraction or descent to the stump of 233 trees, among them in species of cypresses, Tuscan pines, red eucalyptus, among others.

They also reported that other 151 trees had to be pruned or removed branches in poor condition, including 92 red eucalyptus, 1 Tosquero pine, 2 horizontal cypress trees and 56 specimens of Phoenix canariensis and Washingtonia robusta.

Among the plantations carried out within the park, it was mentioned that 15 pomegranates, 11 Almond trees and 12 Damascus trees were placed in addition to 12 goatee in different islands or pots.

Subsequently, an advance was presented regarding the research on the ecology of the Laguna de los Patos, located within the Parque de Mayo. This study is carried out within the framework of an agreement signed with the Department of Geography of the National University of the South.

Finally, a count was made of the new specimens installed in different parts of the city, in which 3002 plantations have been counted so far this year. Most were made in the last four months with donations made by different companies and institutions from Bahia.

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