They dictated the mandatory conciliation and lifted the train stoppage

The Ministry of Labor issued the Mandatory conciliation for 15 days in the wage dispute of the railway sector and intimidated the train drivers union The fraternity a cancel the 24-hour stoppage that had been summoned for this Thursday.

The labor portfolio, led by the minister Claudio Moroni, he also ordered that it be terminated “any direct action measure that they had planned to implement, providing services in a normal and habitual manner “. The Ministry ordered this measure through Provision 375/2021 of the National Directorate of Labor Relations and Regulations, after which the La Fraternidad union complied with the official measure.

In its foundations, the standard established that “The primary objective of said procedure (compulsory conciliation) is not only to try to agree to the parties so that they reach an agreement that solves the conflict of origin but, first of all, to guarantee social peace.”

Moroni’s decision was notified to the La Fraternidad union and by the business side to Operadora Ferroviaria Sociedad del Estado, Belgrano Cargas y Logística SA, Metrovías SA, Ferrovías Sociedad Anónima Concesionaria, Ferrosur Roca SA, Ferroexpreso Pampeano Sociedad Anónima Concesionaria and Nuevo Central Argentino SA.

For his part, General Secretary of La Fraternidad, Omar Maturano, when announcing the force measure, said in a statement on Tuesday that the wage increases agreed in mid-2021, consisting of a “5% improvement agreed for this month (October), another 5% for November and what was recognized during 2021 became insufficient due to the loss of purchasing power due to the high inflationary process.”

The last strike of La Fraternidad had been carried out in December 2020, after a negotiation with the Superintendency of Health Services had failed for a debt with the union’s social work, as reported by the union at that time.

On that occasion, the Ministry of Labor also issued the mandatory conciliation and established an operation so that passengers could have the alternative of buses in the most important railway terminals to moderate the protest of the sector.

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