They denounced Espert for a tweet referring to the Day of Cultural Diversity

They denounced the economist and candidate for national deputy of Avanza Libertad, Jose Luis Espert, following a post he made in his twitter account within the framework of Day of cultural diversity and in which he expressed that what should be celebrated is Columbus Day, that there is nothing racist about it.

In addition to dealing with “Kirchner drugged apes” who do not refer to that date as Columbus Day, Expert He also took the opportunity to say that what they do is celebrate a linguistic monstrosity. Faced with this, members of the indigenous movement denounced the candidate for “persecution” and for “encouraging hatred.”

The complaint against Espert was presented by Paula Mercedes Alvarado, belonging to the Kolla Indigenous People, and Gustavo Mario Morón, of the Quechua community, for violation of Article 3, last paragraph, of the Anti-Discrimination Law number 23,592, for “persecution” and “encouraging hatred.”

The article 3 of that norm it says that “those who participate in an organization or carry out propaganda based on ideas or theories of superiority of a race or of a group of people of a certain religion, ethnic origin or color will be punished with imprisonment from 1 month to 3 years, whose purpose is to justify or promote racial or religious discrimination in any way. “

José Luis Espert was denounced for “persecution” and for “encouraging hatred”

“The same penalty shall be incurred by those who by any means encourage or incite persecution or hatred against a person or groups of people because of their race, religion, nationality or political ideas,” says the second paragraph of that article of the law.

“Clearly the publication promotes and motivates hatred, persecution and stigmatization of human beings and encourages the persecution of the original,” they expressed in the text of the complaint.

They also pointed out that “all this without any legal support, propaganda ideas that are in violation of International Treaties of Human, Social, Civil and Political Rights and the Argentine National Constitution.”

“World history has clear examples of all these persecutory ideas, the most outrageous and it seems that some did not learn from it, is that of Nazi Germany from Adolf Hitler,” they warned in the complaint.

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