They denounced 25 policemen for injuring 11 young people with rubber bullets

A Buenos Aires policeman was charged and at least others 24 troops are investigated by the General Audit Office of Internal Affairs of the provincial Ministry of Security after being denounced by injuring 11 youths with rubber bullets after a party carried out last weekend in a house of the Buenos Aires party of Escobar, informed sources of the force.

The case, which began around 6 in the morning in the town of Loma Verde, in Escobar, is investigated by the prosecutor Martín Zocca, of the UFI 1 of Complex Crimes, of Zárate-Campana, who ordered the kidnapping of 11 shotguns tIthaca type, caliber 12/70, which fire rubber bullets to establish whether they were the ones used by the police during the incident.

For her part, the owner of the house where the meeting took place and the mother of one of the young people, identified as Paula Palacios, assured that the policemen entered the house shooting and seriously injured at least 11 young people, one of the who received at least eight shots in the neck area and another was left with compromised vision in one eye.

In the last hours, Prosecutor Zocca charged a member of the Escobar police, for the crime of “humiliation”, while another 24 are being investigated for the same act, judicial spokesmen told Télam.

According to the police summary, it all began last Sunday, around 6 o’clock, when residents of Los Aromos and Diamantes streets, in the town of Loma Verde, Escobar, alerted the police about a fight between two young people in front of a house where a party was taking place.

Always according to the police version, the troops tried to separate the young people, but from inside the house they began to attack them by throwing stones and other blunt objects, for which they fired shotguns with antitimult posts.

For its part, Palacios assured that the policemen entered directly firing at the house and seriously wounded at least 11 young people.

“I told a policewoman to please take them to the hospital because they were dying and she replied that she was not going to take charge,” denounced the owner of the house.

Palacios said that about 20 troops arrived in various patrol cars and entered the force: “They lined up in front of the house with the boys as a target.”, he expressed.

“They got inside my house, put the boys in a fetal position, kicked them in the head and pointed them in the head,” said the mother of one of the victims.

“They got into my house, put the boys in a fetal position, kicked them in the head and pointed them in the head,” he explained.

Palacios assured that one of the young men received at least eight shots from a rubber post in the neck area, another has one eye compromised and the rest were shot in different parts of the body.

“What happened is a disaster. Here no ambulance came to take the boys and until today no one was present”, Concluded the complainant.

Police spokesmen, on the other hand, said that an officer had to be treated for a head injury without loss of consciousness, when she was hit by a stone thrown from inside the house.

Meanwhile, the General Audit of Internal Affairs of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security reported that the complaint was filed for “excess in means used in police procedure”, for which an internal summary was initiated, which is in charge of Summary Audit 3, to charge of Lorena Rebuffo, who is in the middle of the investigation stage, since the personnel who acted in the event are being identified.

According to sources of the investigation, during the procedure one of the young men who was fighting tried with a knife to steal the regulation weapon from one of the policemen who arrived in the first patrol at the place, for which he was reduced and detained, although he was released within a few hours by court order.

Audit Rebuffo is analyzing the AVL devices of the patrol cars, which indicate the place, time and period of time that each vehicle was at that site.

In addition, 11 shotguns were seized and will be examined to establish whether they were used during the event.

Although the case began to be investigated by the prosecutor Claudio Audjian, from the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 5 of Zárate-Campana, when personnel from a security force intervened, it passed into the hands of Zocca, who intervenes in Complex Crimes. (Télam)

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