They condemn a drug gang from Oran, they sent drug shipments to Tucumán

Five people, including the head of a narco criminal organization, fwere condemned to sentences of 4 to 7 years and 4 months in prison for serious crimes related to Drug Law 23,737, during the shortened trial against him that concluded an extensive investigation by the Justice.

Said inquiries led to the dismantling of a neat organization that carried out security operations. drug trafficking from Oran to Tucumán, whose modality It was the obtaining of drugs from Bolivia, for subsequent transfer from the city of Oran to the province of Tucumán by sending parcels.

Thanks to the work directed by the federal prosecutor Marcos Romero, of the Decentralized Headquarters of Tartagal, the conviction of Carlos Alberto López, who was the leader of the gang, was achieved. López, who acknowledged his criminal responsibility in the events, was sentenced to 7 years and 4 months in prison for the crimes of transporting narcotics aggravated by the number of intervening parties, as co-perpetrator and unjustified possession of a firearm and also of other people’s documents, in author’s degree.

For their part, Rocío Morales and Saúl Isaías Ríos, two other links considered below López, received 7-year prison sentences for the crime of aggravated transport of narcotics and possession for marketing purposes, as co-authors. As for Patricia del Valle Ruiz, another member of the organization from Tucumán, was sentenced to the penalty of 4 years and 2 months effective imprisonment for being the perpetrator materially and criminally responsible for the crime of possession of narcotics for marketing purposes. His daughter, Yamila Eugenia Rojas, also from that province, received the same penalty.

During the shortened trial, the prosecutor Romero explained that the accusations arise from a long investigation started on May 16, 2020, which lasted for several months until the arrest of all those involved between February 18 and 19 of this year, as a result of a series of raids carried out by the Anti-Drug Division of the Oran Subdelegation of the Federal Police in different homes in that city and Tucumán.

As a result of these measures, coordinated by the fiscal assistant Rafael Lamas, the prosecution achieved andl kidnapping 24 kilos of cocaine and more than 2,000 grams of phenacetin and lidocaine, as well as documentation, cell phones and even a firearm, among other elements of interest to the case. With all this, on March 3, the Federal Judge of Guarantees of Orán Gustavo Montoya declared the case formalized at the request of the prosecutor Romero, who continued with the investigation to determine the roles that each of the accused had.

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López, as determined, was in charge of managing the obtaining of the drug, which came from Bolivia with a delivery point in Oran. It also had specific functions in the transfer of the narcotic from that town to the province of Tucumán. While Ríos and Morales were in charge of sending the packages by parcels, for which they used the services of a local transport company and they always hid the drug in kitchen appliances, such as cooktops or pots.

With different names, sometimes alternated, the defendants sent the packages to Tucumán, where Ruiz and his daughter, Yamila Rojas, were in charge of removing the parcels, sometimes accompanied by López, who had supremacy in all operations. The drug, once it arrived in Tucumán had two destinations, one part was traded between local resellers, while the other used to be reconditioned in other packages that were sent to Córdoba through parcels.

Ruiz made the change in dollars of the money obtained as earnings, which was sent to López, in Oran. With the money, the acquisition of more toxic was solved

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