They charged a municipal official of Firmat for the abuse of his own daughter

Depending on what was resolved this Wednesday, the precautionary measures will be discussed in a hearing to be held next Friday at a time to be confirmed.

The representative of the MPA informed that “The investigation began as a result of an anonymous complaint that was written on a piece of paper that was thrown under the door of the Territorial Center for Complaints (CTD) of Firmat”.

“Based on that information, we order various investigative procedures,” he said. In this regard, he added that “based on the data obtained in the framework of these tasks, we ordered the arrest and made the accusation.”

On the other hand, Pepino announced that “other procedural steps have already been requested, including the interview with the girl on Gesell camera.”


The prosecutor Susana Pepino announced that she will request that the official of the municipality of Firmat go through the process in preventive detention.

At the hearing this morning, the prosecutor Pepino attributed to the accused the responsibility of the crime of sexual abuse with carnal access qualified by the link. The event caused a commotion within the company of Firmat, taking into account that the accused is an official of the municipality of Firmat, although the mayor Leonel Maximino has already separated him from his position.

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