They captured in Las Heras a man with ties to a Buenos Aires drug gang

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As a result of this finding, the Federal Justice ordered 11 raids, including a home in Mendoza. It was as well as uniformed They broke into a house on 100 Corrientes Street, in Las Heras, where they captured a man whose data was not disclosed.

According to the investigations, the drug was fractionated and part of it it was sent to Mendoza for commercialization.

The same Minister of Security of the Nation, Aníbal Fernández, published in his account Twitter: “A discreet surveillance was carried out in a small warehouse in Algarrobo No. 881, of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, where the investigation indicated that they would carry out maneuvers related to the transfer and distribution of narcotic drugs“.

“When two vehicles left the shed, the monitoring was carried out and they were intercepted, achieving the arrest of 4 men and the kidnapping of 28 bricks of marijuana, which triggered 11 search warrants, which were completed throughout the afternoon / night, “he added in the thread.

And followed: “This investigation begins in 2018, the transfer of narcotic drugs from Rosario to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. This investigation led to the arrest of one of the current defendants in 2019, within the framework of the so-called Operation Bachata, which was carried out at the time by the Division of Counterfeiting and Adulteration of Drugs of the Federal Police, where 96 kgs were kidnapped. of cocaine, apocryphal money and firearms. “

“It resulted in the seizure of vehicles, cutting elements, ammunition, firearms, documentation and 6 detainees. Divisions of the Federal Police intervened and court No. 2 of Lomas de Zamora in charge of Dr. Armella, “he concluded.

Among the hijacked vehicles were a fancy red Jaguar with black windows that he was in the house of one of the detainees.

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