A man was beaten and stripped naked by neighbors in Santiago, after being accused of stealing a motorcycle that was found thanks to the fact that it had a GPS system.

Neighbors of the commune of Santiago captured and stripped the alleged member of a gang linked to the theft of a motorcycle.

It all started at 23:00 yesterday, when a man parked his motorcycle outside his building, this in Eleuterio Ramírez with Santa Rosa.

At least three people came to that place, who they stole the vehicle and fled the place.

However, the individuals did not expect that the motorcycle had GPS system, so her owner quickly found her in Lord Cochrane with Condor. So, together with neighbors, he went to retrieve his mobile.

This is how they managed to catch one of them, who they stripped and beat before handing him over to Carabinieri.

Captain Cristián Gutiérrez pointed out that, according to neighbors, the detainee is a habitual offender of the sector.

The subject was taken to a health center where he was confirmed minor injuries. For now, work is being done on corroborating his identity and complaints from neighbors about previous crimes.