They arrested a gang that was dedicated to transporting drugs from Oran to Tucumán

For the kidnapping of more than 84 kilos of cocaine, National Gendarmerie detected another shipment with 64 kilos of the drug. In addition, four raids were carried out in different buildings.

There are two detained transporters and three occupants of two vehicles who alerted about possible Force controls.

After three months of investigation work by the Complex Crimes Investigations and Judicial Procedures Unit “Salta”, 84 kilos 160 grams of cocaine were seized and the transport driver was detained.

The drug was transferred from San Ramón de la Nueva Orán to Tucumán. On Provincial Route 5, security forces detected two CNG tubes located under the truck, with the particularity of being covered in mud.

Due to the anomaly observed, the officers extracted and disassembled them, finding inside 66 packages wrapped in film and grease, in the packages there were 64 kilos 798 grams of cocaine.

It was possible to identify in El Quebrachal, a Chevrolet Zafira vehicle and a Chevrolet Astra, in the cars there were people who acted as pointers for drug transports.

By order of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Salta, the Gendarmerie arrested five members of the organization who were occupying vehicles and seized 148 kilos 958 grams of narcotics. This was achieved thanks to the two procedures and four raids in Oran.

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