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This is circular No. 15 of 2020 of the Transport Superintendency which orders the authorities to update the “Strategic Plan for Surveillance and Control of Compliance with Transportation and Transit Regulations”.

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This lawsuit was filed by the law firm of Paul Philip Robledo, former Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, against the circular that includes sanctions for “informal or illegal public transport operations, without compliance with requirements such as authorization, without operating permits, without approved vehicles or a traffic license to public transportation, among other requirements that may be omitted by informal or illegal providers”.

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The lawsuit states that this circular “is part of a series of actions by the National Government, which together with different sanctioning decisions that have been imposed against the mobility technology platforms, seek to protect the particular interest of the taxi drivers’ union, ignoring the right of passenger users to freely choose how to move, the drivers’ right to work, free competition, technological innovation and national and foreign investment.

The appeal states that the circular affects the right to free movement, consumer safety, the free choice of citizens and that it would have been issued to “satisfy the particular interest of a pressure union (despite the fact that this would affects the general interest).

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“The Superintendencethreatens the municipal authorities with investigating and sanctioning them if they do not initiate punitive actions against mobility platforms, users and drivers,” the lawsuit says.

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