These are the bottles of the 333 thousand peso account in a bar in Zapopan

This week the account of a club located in the Puerta de Hierro area, in Zapopan, went viral for having paid a total of 333 thousand 840 pesos in consumption.

The account, counted workers of the place, It was paid on December 12 during the presentation of the reggaeton known as Kevin Roldán, which caused a “full house” and consumptions exceeding 50 thousand pesos, although they said, none like the account that exceeded a quarter of a million pesos by far.

As they said, the table was made up of around 10 and 15 people, mostly women, including the young Laura Aguirre, who calls himself an influencer on social networks, and who made the ticket for the amount paid that night viral.

The bill, they said, amounted to such an amount because the people at the table asked some of the most expensive bottles on the menu of the place, mostly champagne of different brands.

According to the ticket, at least 17 bottles were ordered in the account: four bottles of tequila, one bottle of whiskey and 12 bottles of champagne, the latter at the highest cost. In addition, the people asked several boxes of cigars and more than 10 electronic cigarettes of 400 pesos.

Among the bottles consumed that day are three three-liter bottles of Centinela Eterno tequila at a cost of 9,990 pesos each, at least two bottles of Armand Brignac Gold champagne (a brand that produces one of the best and most exclusive champagnes in the world ) of 750 milliliters, with a cost of 26 thousand 600 pesos each, and 10 beautiful of 750 milliliters of Dom Perignon (a wine with more than 300 years of history) Luminous Rose, with a cost of 19 thousand pesos each.

The costs mentioned are those established in the letter, which are usually much higher than those found in the wine market as it is one of the most exclusive places in the city, where in most cases you enter only with reservations made to the public relations of the place.

“That day the club was completely full due to the presentation of the reggaeton, it sold a lot. These types of tables usually do not consume everything they ask for, sometimes they give it away to other tables, or most of the time they throw it away bathing in it, “said one of the workers.

The site also sIt is usually frequented by influencers like Luisito Comunica or Juanpa Zurita, athletes like “El Canelo” Álvarez and different footballers and children of club owners, and artists like Kalimba or Kate del Castillo.



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