Theft of electricity and fiber optic cables affect international trade procedures in Piedras Negras

International trade activities between Mexico and the United States have been affected for two days, due to the theft of electrical wiring and fiber optics that provide service to the Piedras Negras Customs; generating slowness in the issuance of the corresponding procedures and consequently in the dispatch of goods.

This situation reveals the vulnerability of the tax precinct in Piedras Negras, given that the aforementioned services are located in a ford that passes under the Customs facilities and some roads in the city; such as Progreso street and the fiscal route itself to International Bridge number II.

So far it has been possible to establish that the alleged thief (s), broke the PVC pipe that is located in some of the bridges of the aforementioned ford of the El Tornillo stream and where the electrical power and fiber optic cables passed.

Such problems began to register from two in the afternoon of last Monday, resuming intermittently and generating a delay in the dispatch of goods, directly impacting the business sector that requires sending goods to the United States or, where appropriate, receiving material.

Some sources consulted anonymously stated that the Piedras Negras customs authorities only informed them that the system was slow; situation that affected several companies in the region.

This led to the formation of long lines of cargo trucks, both from the United States to Mexico and vice versa, it was around seven in the afternoon on Monday that the transit of international trade through the Piedras Negras-Eagle Pass border port was normalized. .

During the morning of this Tuesday, problems were again reported in the traffic of goods on both sides of the Rio Grande, although mainly on the Mexican side, where a long line of cargo trucks could be observed along the fiscal route that leads to the International Bridge. number II, waiting to cross into the United States.

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