The Young Avengers are already in the MCU and you don’t even know it yet

For a few movies and series, Marvel has calmly put together a new team, the Young Avengers, right in front of our eyes and without saying anything.

Phase 4 of the MCU makes its cushy start and leaves a mystery about its finality. Some projects explore the limits of reality in WandaVision, while others undermine the dimensions with Loki, and with Hawkeye (which we moderately appreciated the first two episodes) the heroes face gangsters. Not easy to know where the MCU is going, even if the end of Loki seems to announce Kang as the final boss, but who to defeat him? The answer, Marvel might have teased it for a while: the Young Avengers, and they just have to get together.

In the comics, the Avengers are over, everyone has made their own way and a new team wants to take over in memory of their heroes, the Young Avengers. After Avengers : Endgame who ended the debut squad, those who are no longer on Earth, are in space, in nursing homes or dead, the mood is therefore for the creation of a new unifying team, nostalgic and with its share of novelties. Like MCU fans, the Young Avengers want to see their heroes again. But then, from this team, who has already been introduced to us or is going to be introduced in the MCU?

Young Avengers! Gathering!

After spreading clues about Thanos’ coming in Early Phases, perhaps future Marvel projects are looking to tease us which team will replace the popular Iron man, Captain America, Thor, and more, and defeat the MCU’s new threat. If we are to believe the clues, everything points to the Young Avengers, especially since it is Kang who founds it in the comics.

Wanting to train himself, Kang takes under his wing his young version, Nathaniel Richards, going down memory lane. But this one, after hearing the plans of his evil and adult self, decides to save himself and to found a team capable of countering Kang (you follow ?). Thus, he founded the Young Avengers under the identity of Iron Lad, a genre of Iron Man developed with technologies of the 31st century. In the MCU, Kang is already introduced with the series Loki who announced that other Kangs exist, so one of them could create the Young Avengers and recruit young and new heroes who have proven themselves. This would make this project a common thread spanning several works, and Phases, before the final fight.

Loki : photo, Jonathan Majors Jonathan Majors, the Kang of the MCU

The difficulty of passing after the Avengers

What brings the Young Avengers together is the burden of having to do better than their idols. A weight easily visible in the MCU as the popularity of Iron Man and Captain America is no longer to be proven. So, young heroes have to do with the legacy they have, like Scott Lang’s daughter Cassandra Lang / Stature, who has the power to change her height without needing an outfit. She is portrayed by four different actresses in Ant-Man, and its sequel, Avengers Endgame and the next one Ant-Man and the Wasp : Quantumania, where Kathryn Newton will play it.

Having the same burden, Wiccan / Billy Kaplan and Speed ​​/ Tommy Sheperd have to do with the fact that their parents are Scarlet Witch and Vision. The twin brothers were introduced to us in WandaVision before disappearing in front of their mother. The post-credits scene of the series makes us understand that they will return, perhaps as soon as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness since Wanda Maximoff is in the casting. For Wiccan (Julian Hilliard) and Speed ​​(Jett Klyne), the comparison with their parents is inevitable and burdensome since Wiccan is a magician like his mother, while Speed ​​has super-speed like his uncle Quicksilver (he can also throw energy).

WandaVision : photoThe new Maximoff twins

Passing after a legend is also a heavy legacy, and it is felt enormously through the leader of the Young Avengers Elijah Bradley / Patriot, whose modified blood of his grandfather runs through his veins. And grandpa did not only resist since‘he underwent experiments aimed at recreating the super-soldier’s serum by Captain America. Patriot is played by Elijah Richardson in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and his shield (the first design of Captain America’s shield in the comics) is on display in the museum as a tribute to Cap ‘. So we should see him again soon, maybe in Hawkeye, which introduces us to another Young Avengers, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfield) who wants to be like her idol Hawkeye.

Finally, Hulkling is the son of the Kree Captain Mar-Vell, and the Skrull Princess Anelle (the shapeshifter race introduced in Captain Marvel). That makes Hulkling the crown prince of the Skrull Empire, as well as the son of one of Marvel’s most powerful heroes. Although not yet featured in the MCU, the series Secret Invasion, which features the Skrulls invasion of Earth, and the movie The Marvels could introduce it soon.

Captain Marvel : photoThe Skrulls, which we hope will be better exploited in Secret Invasion

The band is growing

The Young Avengers have collected adventures and feats, including keeping the temporal continuity from being disrupted, and repelling an alien parasite that threatened the entire galaxy. Their team has therefore evolved over the comics, until accepting Kid Loki among them. Reincarnation of Thor’s brother in the guise of a child, he is Loki without having his full personality either. This child version of the Asgardian was introduced in Loki when the god meets variants of him, including Kid Loki (Jack Veal) who slips away in episode 5 without anyone knowing where he is going.

Another strong character of the Young Avengers is America Chavez / Miss America. She will be played by Xochitl Gomez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This overpowered heroine, figure of the LGBT community, is able to create portals between dimensions after kicking. In the MCU, she could come from another dimension and sympathize with the characters in the MCU, which would cause her to stay. A recent leak on Doctor Strange 2 suggests that this theory is possible.

The only character to be a former Avenger, Vision, is also part of the Young Avengers in another form made by Iron Lad to support him. So it’s an android with a different personality that serves as a guide and mentor to the young Avengers. With the end of WandaVision who lets go of a white version of Vision, this one could be an ally for the new team, while remembering the old one.

Loki : photo, Richard E. GrantKid Loki dans Loki with three other Loki

Those we expect

Finally, besides Hulkling, only two other superheroes don’t yet have their MCU versions. They are Marvel Boy / Noh-Varr and Prodigy / David Alleyne. Marvel Boy is a Kree enhanced with insect DNA, making him a super-weapon very self-righteous and a fan of Earth culture. A nice mix between Tony Stark and Peter Quill that binds the Young Avengers to the cosmic universe of the MCU. It could therefore debut in more spatial films like The Marvels Where Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. On the other hand, Prodigy being a mutant capable of absorbing the knowledge of the people they rub shoulders with, and the X-Men not being on the Marvel Studios program, there is little chance of seeing him.

However, he could be replaced, as Prodigy being the mastermind of the group, someone has to take on that role. We can therefore imagine that Riri Williams / Ironheart (Dominique Thorne) is part of the team, even if this is not the case in the comics. What’s more, the heroine fan of Iron Man and handyman of great talent soon joins the MCU in Black Panther : Wakanda Forever, before having his series Ironheart. She would make a great addition to be the Tony-Starkian figure of the gang.

Ironheart : photo Will it replace Iron Man for the fans?

The new generation of Marvel superheroes are starting to pick up the slack and it would be surprising if other young heroes who were absent from the Young Avengers in the comics weren’t on the MCU version team. For example, teenage Miss Marvel / Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) with powers that make her elastic and able to change size, and admirer of Captain Marvel, could become a member of the Young Avengers. Like the rest of the team, she’ll make her MCU debut soon alongside her idol in The Marvels, but also from his own series (again): Ms. Marvel.

And besides, She Hulk could also be an unprecedented member of the Young Avengers, in place of Hulkling, since she will be entitled to her series She-Hulk. With such a team that combines abilities and powers similar to the Avengers only better, Marvel has enough to offer a nice resistance to Kang, or another yet unannounced threat. The Young Avengers seem like a project that is slowly falling into place and is arguably one of the MCU’s plans with a near impossible mission: replace the Avengers in the hearts of fans.

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