The wait is lengthened: Tesla delays the Cybertruck until 2023

This week it was announced that Tesla had removed from the Cybertruck website any reference to the date of the start of its production, which was scheduled for 2022.

Now a Reuters article indicates that the electric truck will be delayed until at least the first quarter of 2023.

According to the news agency, the new postponement is due to the modification of some functions and characteristics of the vehicle.

The intention of Elon Musk’s company is to make the Cybertruck more attractive in the electric truck market and have options to compete with other rivals, such as Ford’s F150.

Other elements that appear as responsible for reprogramming are the pandemic, the shortage of chips and the complexity of the production chain.

In fact, on his Twitter account, Musk referred in November to the problems producing the Cybertruck on time. “This year has been a nightmare in the supply chain and it is not over yet,” said the mogul at the time.

This Thursday, January 13, it was learned that the company made a modification to the truck’s order site.

Where before it said “you will be able to complete your configuration as production approaches in 2022”, now it is only indicated that “you will be able to complete your configuration as production approaches”, without referring to a particular date.

It should be remembered that the Cybertruck was originally announced in 2019 and, according to what was initially advanced by Musk himself, it should have left the production lines in 2021.

As that did not happen, the company rescheduled its launch for 2022, which will not be possible either.

While an official version from Tesla is not yet known, Elon Musk could provide more details by the end of January when the company’s next call for benefits takes place.

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