The Volkswagen Group is ready to enter Formula 1 with Audi and Porsche

The Volkswagen Group winks at Formula 1 in view of the future regulations on power units, which will come into force starting from 2026 and which would include more “leaner” hybrid engines than the current ones with the disappearance of the MGU-H. In fact, the German giant would like to enter the premier class of motorsport with two of its most iconic brands: Porsche and Audi.

As reported by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, the arrival in the Circus would not be only as engineers, but these two realities would like to compete with their own teams.

In this regard, it is emphasized that the negotiations with McLaren and Red Bull are at an advanced stage. The negotiations would in fact concern an Audi purchase offer for what concerns the Woking team, while for what concerns Milton Keynes a strong partnership with Porsche. We remind you that Red Bull will produce the engines on its own from 2022, after taking over the intellectual property of PU Honda with the birth of Red Bull Powetrains.

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