‘The Voice’ TV show suspended in the Netherlands after accusations of deviant sexual behavior and abuse of power

The Dutch channel RTL has suspended the broadcasting of the program “The Voice of Holland” in the Netherlands. The production of the television singing competition, ITV, has indeed received a report alleging possible sexual misconduct and abuse of power. “Based on these allegations, producer ITV has been contacted and it has been mutually agreed that ITV will immediately launch a thorough and independent investigation,” RTL said in a statement. “The Voice of Holland” will resume (perhaps) when “more clarity” is made on the case.

The investigation into these facts began in the summer, when the creator of the digital media BOOS, Tim Hofman, launched an appeal on social networks to find “people who have worked or participated in a talent show in the Netherlands and who have experienced, seen or heard things that are not acceptable”. BOOS had indeed received testimonies on the subject, and sought to carry out the investigation. After gathering new statements about inappropriate behavior in “The Voice of Holland”, the team therefore sent a report to ITV.

RTL, which had no knowledge of such allegations, described BOOS’ information as “very serious and shocking”. “We take this very seriously. Participants, employees, everyone must be able to work safely. There is no room for interpretation here. The priority now is to put the facts on the table” , the channel commented.

A juror and a concerned musician

The names of those accused of “sexually transgressive behavior” have not been officially released, but since the show was suspended, two people have come out of the silence. Ali B., member of the jury of “The Voice of Holland” told Telegraaf that he was the subject of a complaint. “It’s an accusation about something that happened a long time ago, but it’s not true,” replied the Dutch rapper, who says he is “100% innocent”. On the other hand, Jeroen Rietbergen, the conductor of the singing program, announced his resignation with immediate effect following the publication of the report. The musician admitted the accusations, acknowledged the facts and issued regrets.

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