The Virgin and the Lord of the Miracle are already walking towards the February 20 Monument

After a 2020 without a Procession, because of the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, the images of our Patron Saints They returned to the streets of the city in the direction of the February 20 Monument, where thousands of salteños, mostly virtually, they prepare their hearts to renew the covenant of fidelity.

After the tour of more than 4 hours of the pilgrim images through the four cardinal points of the city, after 3 pm, The surroundings of the Cathedral of Salta were filled with emotion and applause to accompany the passage, first of La Cruz Mayor and then of the Virgen de las Lágrimas.

To the cry of Long live the Mother of the Salta people! then it was the turn of the image of the Virgin of the Miracle, that accompanied by a shower of petals and hundreds of handkerchiefs in the air, He set out for the February 20 Monument.

Minutes later, at 4:00 p.m., the Lord of the Miracle, that as stipulated by protocol, was followed only by members of the Brotherhood of the Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle.

For its part, the rest of the faithful waited expectantly at specific points during the tour, which in no case exceeded 150 people per block.

The tour began on calle España, and continued along Zuviría until avenida Belgrano, to move until reaching Sarmiento and, finally, reaching the monument.

It is estimated that The arrival of the images will be around 4:45 p.m. to begin at 5:00 p.m. with the central ceremony.

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