The US makes a mistake, using the dollar as an instrument of sanctions, according to Putin

Washington makes a big mistake and harms itself, using the dollar as an instrument of sanctions, declared Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with CNBC.

“It seems to me that the US makes a big mistake by using the dollar as a sanctions instrument, and that is what it does because it prevents payments in dollars for sanctioned products,” Putin said in the interview, published on the Kremlin’s website. .

He indicated that both payments and reserves in dollars are reduced worldwide, adding that Russia, for its part, is also trying to move to payments in national currency, so the dollar loses its absolute competitive advantage of a universal reserve currency. .

The US “undermines it in the interests of the momentary political situation, harms its own strategic economic interests,” stressed the Russian president.

At the same time, Putin recalled that the entire global economy depends on the economic situation in the US, ensuring that Russia is interested in stability in this area, as well as in preserving some payments in dollars.

“At the moment, we are comfortable with payments in dollars for energy resources, especially for oil,” he said.

He added that Moscow is closely monitoring the economic situation, is analyzing it and taking the necessary steps to ensure that its long-term interests are met.

Source: Sputnik

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