The unexpected conflict that threatens Axel Kicillof for giving away graduate trips

The troops of the Police of the province of Buenos Aires They are very angry with the Government of Axel Kicillof for the announcement, among others, of giving money to high school graduates so that they can have their end-of-year trip. “If there is money for graduate tripsThere is also a way to improve salaries ”, they assert.

From the page of Facebook Police Complaining, social networks and WhatsApp groups threaten with force measures for this Friday, October 15, in principle “Retention of Tasks” if the Buenos Aires Government does not comply with the 6 points demanded by the police of the Province of Buenos Aires.

1) “IMMEDIATE incorporation of the 2,400 unjustly disaffected colleagues”.

2) “SALARY IMPROVEMENT the same as the Federal Police in the lowest tier, which is $ 83,696 per month, while a Police Officer receives $ 62,796, about $ 20,900 less.”

3) “Remove EXCESSIVE SERVICE SURCHARGES. The CO.RE.S Hours have to be incorporated into the salary already, for the 48 monthly hours that a cash is spent fulfilling its service and they are not paid, but are misused because later to fulfill the day they have to go recharged again “.

4) “INCREASE in Uniform Expenses, CO.RE.S Hours and Travel Expenses”.

5) “Make the construction of a Hospital for the exclusive use of the troops who are injured by Acts of Services, as promised by the Governor in September of last year.”

6) “The incorporation of a lawyer in each Jurisdiction to DEFEND the police officers who for unjust causes of fulfilling their DUTY are accused, not having to be putting money from their pockets to do so, many even sell their houses , their cars or go into debt with credits to be able to defend themselves “.

It is worth clarifying that the salary claims are from September of last year, when the governor promised (after the police uprising) an increase of 43% and in reality the increase granted was 26% in breach of his promise.

The page of Facebook Police Complaining It has more than 69 thousand followers, it is an account created in 2011 by an injured person in the act of service, then some retirees joined the administration. In other words, the page went through the governments of Daniel Scioli, María Eugenia Vidal and now KicillofIn all governments, the general malaise was made to feel by policemen and ex-policemen. It is the account from where the unrest of the force was anticipated, days before the uprising in September last year.

The police officers in the call for the measure of force this Friday make clear their discomfort with the measure announced by Axel Kicillof to give away trips for graduates to different destinations in the province. “If there are 6,600 million to give away on graduate trips, there is also money to improve salaries and the good will to improve working conditions.”

They denounce ideological persecution and alleged illegal espionage

Another of the complaints from the police of the Buenos Aires province against the Buenos Aires Minister of Security Sergio Berni it is for persecution in social networks. They affirm that from the Ministry they would add to the troops who complain on social networks of the lack of equipment to carry out the tasks, lack of vests, fuel for mobile phones (it was evident in the note made by MDZ on September 25 on the lack of fuel for patrols in the opposition municipalities). They denounce that so far this year there are more than 2,600 troops with administrative summaries, many of which for manifesting themselves on social networks and for ideological (political) reasons or for denouncing the lack of equipment.

Meanwhile, from the APOLO Foundation, they filed a complaint with the Federal Court of La Plata for the possible performance of illegal intelligence tasks, committed by the Ministry of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires. In the presentation they state: “Although it is premature in this instance to pretend to point out a possible typical behavior prohibited by Law No. 25,520, the truth is that the information provided by those involved in the framework of the PPT-BOX program provides sufficient evidence to request their formal investigation in order to discover what was the use that the officials of the provincial Ministry of Security gave to the profiles prepared by the contracted task forces – and regardless of how irregular and illegal the preparation of profiles of civilians based on their political opinions and relationships ”.

When the river sounds

Buenos Aires government sources affirm that the police claim is unfounded and that it is driven by the opposition to obtain a political profit. They also do not rule out friendly fire and some believe that behind the protest there are mayors from the Frente de Todos, who are looking for the head of Sergio Berni to stay with the Ministry and closer to Kicillof. The truth is that in the last hours Berni’s resignation began to sound strongly, due to an alleged fight with Maximum Kirchner and the fatigue generated by management…. The truth is that police unrest grows day by day and the clock has already started the countdown. If the Buenos Aires government does not comply with what was promised in September of last year, they will not be able to stop the police protest.

The fish dies by the mouth…

It seems that the Governor of the province of Buenos Aires did not measure the problems caused by having announced the gift of silver, for electoral purposes, not only for high school graduates in Buenos Aires schools. To the police protest, we must add the discomfort of public employees, especially with the state unions, for having closed parities downwards and being well below inflation.

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