The UCR considered that it was "best stop" in Together for Change

We are gaining space within the coalition, it was demonstrated. That is why it is essential to maintain the balance of forces that we are building towards the general election of November 14, which we believe will be better than this one, “said Cornejo with a view to the short term.

Party sources indicated to NA that in radicalism “everything was celebration” after knowing the result of the PASO because they consider that, Beyond the victory of the opposition coalition, the UCR made a “very good choice throughout the country.”

In this sense, they considered that the centennial party was “better off” within Together for Change And while they stressed the importance of maintaining the unity of the opposition coalition, they emphasized that the performance of their candidates in the internal elections “gives it balance at the front.”

Alfredo Cornejo – PRO Mendoza.jpg

The national deputy and president of the UCR, Alfredo Cornejo.

The leaders of the radical leadership were very satisfied with the performance of Manes, the great bet of the party to revitalize and position itself in the face of the struggle for the leadership of Together for Change in 2023.

And it is that the neuroscientist lost against Santilli, the chosen one of the PRO and the Civic Coalition, in the large urban centers of the Province, but He won a large part of the so-called “productive interior” of Buenos Aires where agricultural activity is concentrated.

Santilli’s triumph over the radical was thanks to the superiority of his votes in the suburbs, particularly in the municipalities of the populous Third Electoral Section, such as Almirante Brown, Avellaneda, Esteban Echeverría and La Matanza, to which he added a good performance in the First and Second Sections.

However, Manes prevailed over Santilli in the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Electoral Section of Buenos Aires, which bring together the municipalities of the interior, where the UCR has a historical presence that, now, has been revitalized.

In municipalities such as Alberti, Bragado, Carlos Tejedor, Chacabuco, Chivilcoy, General Villegas and Junín (First Section) or Balcarce, Chascomús, Dolores, General Belgrano, General Guido, General Lavalle, General Pueyrredón, La Costa, Mar Chiquita, (Fifth Section ), the radical beat his rival from PRO.

This left the UCR well positioned in the interior of the province of Buenos Aires, while the PRO revalidated its leading role in the headwaters of the municipalities of the Buenos Aires suburbs, as well as in the Capital Section of La Plata.

For this reason, several important leaders of the UCR consider that the result they achieved in the PASO gave the centennial party the new air that it was seeking to strengthen its position on the political board.

One of those who expressed this optimism was the Governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, who said through Twitter: “In these elections, Facundo Manes showed enormous strength and consolidates the path towards a political project in which the UCR will be the protagonist.”

Morales had been one of the most critical of the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Santilli’s political leader, and had even accused him of mounting a “smear campaign” against Manes.

What’s more, The radicals celebrated the comfortable victory of Cornejo in Mendoza, where he prevailed with 43% of the votes over Kirchnerism, that harvested only 25.2%.

In the same vein, they took note that the other radical governor, missionary Gustavo Valdés, managed to repeat in that province the resounding victory that he had achieved two weeks earlier by getting his re-election.

Source: Argentine News

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