The trial of Luis Paz begins for leading a criminal drug gang

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Luis Paz, 64, arrives prosecuted as organizer and financier of the gang and for possession of narcotic drugs for marketing purposes aggravated by the intervention of three or more people in an organized manner. The other four members, meanwhile, are indicted for possession of narcotic drugs for marketing purposes aggravated by the intervention of three or more people in an organized manner. The court that will conduct the debate is made up of Germán Sutter Schneider, Mario Gambacorta and Eugenio Martínez Ferrero from Rosario. The accusation will be in the hands of the attorney general Martín Suárez Faisal. About 140 witnesses are expected to participate in the debate, most of them summoned by the prosecution. The investigation of the case was in the hands of the federal prosecutor of Santa Fe, Walter Rodríguez.

In the case, Luis Paz responds to those nicknamed “The boss”, “The uncle” or “The Lord of the Skies”, in direct allusion to the nickname of the remembered drug lord of the Mexican state of Sinaloa Amado Carrillo Fuentes. Paz claimed that this nickname was given to him because “he was always in the clouds, distracted.” The federal judge of Santa Fe, Francisco Miño, prosecuted Paz and his accomplices on December 26, 2018 as responsible for forming an illicit association dedicated to the sale of drugs aggravated by the participation of more than three people. In addition, he added to the Rosario businessman the aggravation of being the head of the organization and for laundering money from the sale of narcotics, all in real competition. In the request for a trial formulated by the Prosecutor’s Office, it can be read that Paz was not only the financier of the band but the one who invested the proceeds in real estate.

Behind bars, in cell 28 of pavilion 8 of the Federal Penitentiary Unit 6 of Rawson, Luis Paz wrote a book: “El Fantasma. His fight for truth and justice “. An autobiography of little more than 100 pages in which, in addition to recounting his youthful years and his days deprived of liberty, he unleashes what he classifies as a “fight to disrupt the Los Monos gang”, which he blames for the crime of his son Martín and so he surely collaborated with Judge Vienna throughout the case. In one of the 27 chapters it says: “I am in prison without any proof”. Paz is also convinced that he is also in prison partly because of the media. “The journalistic media have a lot to do with what happens to me. They, without any evidence, held me responsible for so many crimes that this book would not be enough to mention them. But I tell you that just as in the provincial jurisdiction (of Justice) I was able to show that I never killed or ordered to kill anyone, I am also going to show in federal law that I never negotiated with narcotics “, he indicated.

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The magnifying glass on Paz, unknown to the common citizen until his son was shot on September 8, 2012, was posed as a derivation of the federal investigation in which the role of narcopolice played by Edgardo Baigoría, an obscure agent of the Santa Fe who ran a drug sales business in the north central region of the province with the help of two gendarmes already prosecuted and people close to Paz, such as Emanuel Maximiliano González, a partner in one of the companies attributed to Paz. The latter two were sentenced to 15 years and 9 years in prison respectively last February. Rank as perpetrator of the crimes of organization of the illicit drug trade and possession for marketing purposes, aggravated by his quality of public official and the number of people involved; and González as a secondary participant.


Behind bars. Luis Alberto Paz has firm prosecution for leading an illicit drug association.

In the requisition to trial The prosecution attributes to Luis Paz “having organized illicit activities related to interjurisdictional drug trafficking, with sporadic contributions of financing, leading a hierarchical structure characterized by the division of functions and alternation of some of its members executors, from a relatively undetermined time but with a starting point in 2012 and whose duration lasted until December 10, 2018, the date on which their arrest took place ”.

Also to Paz attributed to him “having put money into the market from illicit drug trafficking with the possible consequence that the origin of the goods _original or subrogative_ that resulted from this action acquires the appearance of lawful through sale and purchase operations (and in certain cases concealment of true ownership) with respect to real estate and vehicles that as a whole comfortably exceed the objective requirement of punishableness ”. In addition, he blamed the five defendants for “having had in their possession, jointly and in an organized manner, and for marketing purposes, narcotics that were kidnapped” at the time of the arrests.

Although Paz was arrested in Rosario, in those days he had settled in a house in Los Molinos, located between Santa Fe and Recreo. In a listening on February 28, 2018 between Paz and his former partner, Ana María Ferrari, it emerged that “they would be giving a reward of two million pesos for the head of citizen Paz,” as indicated in the elevation to trial. Thus, was that El Fantasma’s father, advised by Baigoría, sought refuge in Santa Fe to escape from the band of Los Monos, who would be the offerors of the reward.

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Being in Santa Fe, Paz bought five pieces of land in the Los Molinos country house. He also owned a mansion on the border of Rosario and Funes, a few blocks from the World Cup hockey stadium. Among the companies that appeared in his name, “La Nueva Esperanza SRL” stands out in the investigation, with legal domicile in Santa Fe and of which one of his daughters is managed, dedicated to the retail sale of furniture, appliances, motorcycles, bicycles and household appliances. In Santo Tomé, it was part of the commercial company “La Distinción SRL”, which was dedicated to providing towing and towing services, repair and sale of vehicles of all kinds.

Another detail that the prosecution exposes in the elevation to trial, to contextualize Paz as a drug syndicate and his contacts in Santa Fe, is that The BMW Z4 in which the Ghost was killed was hijacked in August 2017 by troops from the Argentine Naval Prefecture in a garage located in San Jerónimo between General López and Monsignor Zazpe, in the South neighborhood of the provincial capital. The garage was owned by the drug trafficker from the coastal district of Alto Verde Sergio “Zurdo” Villarroel, sentenced in 2018 to nine years in prison as the organizer of a gang supplied narcotics to different points of sale in the city and the region.

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