"The Squid Game": the curious and macabre way in which a company notifies debtors

The success of The Squid Game seems to have no limits. After Netflix-The-squid-game-broke-a-new-record-and-beat-the-most-successful-series-20211013-0021.html “target =” _ blank “> become the series most viewed in the history of Netflix, korean fiction reached the notifications of debts of a Mexican company.

The authorities of the State Public Services Commission of Mexicali (CESPM), in Mexico, had a creative idea to notify the debtors of water and electricity services: send envelopes with a circle, triangle and square, the same as those that appear on the popular streaming platform.

The inhabitants of the city of Mexicali who received the particular notifications shared the images on social media and went viral. Surprised by the particular correspondence, when they opened it they noticed that it was a notice from the state company.

From the criticism in the networks for the way of notifying debtors -in the series the card is the gateway to a deadly game-, the general director of the entity, Armando Samaniego, reported that the envelopes were sent to attract the attention of users and ask them to update their payments.

“CESPM is sending these envelopes as strategy to attract the attention of users in a friendly way. Hoping that they will attend the invitation to regularize their account, taking advantage of the popularity of the series ”, explained from the entity.

According to local media, the agency printed around a thousand envelopes with the logo, and comments for and against quickly became viral on social networks: While some users considered an innovative strategy, others stated that a public institution should not “make fun” of the debtors.

“It is an efficient strategy, we got on the train of the series and showed a sympathetic face of the organism, with the noblest service, but also to get closer to the young ”, Samaniego said.

“It is not a threat, we do not intend to play a game with the debtors, it is part of a strategy, pure marketing ”, he stressed. The striking thing is that Netflix-with-a-powerful-critic-social-that-is-furor-20210919-0017.html “target =” _ blank “> protagonist of the series is a man who, overwhelmed by debts, decides to participate in the deadly competition, which hands out a millionaire prize.

According to the company’s calculations, in the city of Mexicale the household debt for service amounts to 400 million Mexican pesos (around 20 million dollars).

The recipients were the most delinquent, those who owe at least three months of water service.

The Mexican who acted in The Squid Game

Mexico was no exception in the fury of the korean series Netflix, and also managed to have a representative in the cast.

Is about Carla Fernanda Avila, 28, an actress from Guadalajara who has lived in South Korea since 2017.

Although he has been participating in different film and television productions for some time, nor was it until his participation in The Squid Game that gained notoriety in his country of origin.

Ávila appears as a living sculpture that is covered in body painting, resembling a “human jaguar”, in the scene where all the VIP members are introduced during episode 7.

The Mexican said that she was without moving for several hours and because the paint fell off easily, it had to be touched up on several occasions. The young woman shared photographs of the filming on her account Instagram.

“It was a great experience and I would consider doing it again. On set I met some of my friends, it’s always nice to work with people you know and get along with. Thanks to this shoot I also got to know Ha-Jun Wi (the policeman of the series). And before everyone asks me: Yes! He is really handsome in real life ”, counted.

To be able to enter the medium, he had to lose more than 10 kilos and had to study Korean for 9 months. In addition to this series, Carla participated in The Beauty Inside (2018), Record of Youth (2020), and in the movie Space Sweepers (2021).

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