The Social Services Fund reported that it accompanies 4,062 affiliates with a Unique Certificate of Disability

It represents 100% coverage in most of the surgical practices, treatments, complementary studies and laboratories inherent to the pathology that occurs within the social work of Santa Cruz to 4062 people throughout Santa Cruz. Once the diagnosis is made, processing the CUD is voluntary and free.

The Unique Certificate of Disability is a document that certifies the person’s disability and allows them to access rights and benefits provided by the State. Not all disabilities are visible, they can be intellectual, visual, motor, auditory, cardiovascular, kidney and digestive.

“The endorsement is provided from a provincial medical board, in which the percentage of disability is evaluated according to their pathological conditions” explained the health professional of the CSS.

“The coverage that is contemplated are the practices recognized with scientific endorsements, since there are many medical options without scientific criteria or with efficacy that verify an improvement in patients,” explained the audit doctor in reference to alternative, experimental or empirical procedures.

“This represents a great contribution from social work, since people with CUD in general need constant accompaniment, chronic medical care and have complex therapeutic situations. Given greater vulnerability, greater coverage is needed ”, concluded the Medical Auditor of the Social Services Fund Dr. Nestor Kamú. From the social work of Santa Cruz, affiliates are recommended to consult on the subject with their primary professional.

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