The shocking story behind the man dismembered with a chainsaw in El Talar

Abel Leonardo Barrios’ sister He reported to the Tigre DDI that his 32-year-old brother was missing. That he had left in his Chevrolet Corsa, he was not answering messages or calls.

In a raid in Gustavo Arbelo’s house, a friend of Barrios, the DDI of San Isidro Buenos Aires Police found part of the dismembered body of Abel inside black plastic bags between the freezer and the refrigerator in El Talar.

Arbelo, 34, employed between 2007 and 2015 by three multinational companies – a consulting firm, a food company and an automotive company, told the police: “MI sent a shit “. Very nervous he confessed to them: “Abel is at home ”.

Researchers suspect there was a fight under the influence of drug use. At some point they did not know each other and there he killed him, hit him on the head.

Arbelo would have tried to hide the crime: he undressed the body, dressed in the clothes of his victim and left the house aboard the Chevrolet Corsa de Barrios, which was later found abandoned in the Malvinas Argentinas district. Before he dismembered him with a chainsaw. There are parts of the bodies that have not yet been found.

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