The sheikhs do not stop and now they go for the Inter of Lautaro Martínez

The Saudi Arabian PIF fund will not curb its impact on elite football with the purchase of Newcastle United in the Premier League. Having landed in England for 300 million euros, the royal family of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is determined to buy a troubled historic Serie A from Italy. There have already been negotiations.

Together with PCP Capital Partners and RB Sports & Media, the PIF fund is intending to continue creating its own club empire and is now targeting transalpine lands, where they assure from Libero that there were conversations to stay with one of the true founders of Calcio. The economic situation of this, the main ally of the Saudis.

The Nerazzurri crisis

Inter de Milan, a team in which the Bahian Lautaro Martínez plays, is the one targeted by the new football empire. After a summer where debts made it impossible for the club to support Hakimi, Romelu Lukaku and Antonio Conte, owner Steven Zhang would have put the northern Italian entity up for sale. They even affirm from Free that there were already talks in the UEFA Champions League match against Real Madrid to evaluate the pros and cons of an operation that would touch the 1000 million euros.

The Suning group is the one who took over the Milano team in recent seasons, but their debts and business interrupted by the pandemic in China have led the Nerazzurri team to an even worse financial situation than it was caused by the arrival of Steven Zhang to offices.

After three years without economic success in one of the giants of Italian football, Suning could leave Inter Milan to a fund that after overcoming the Premier hurdles would have it relatively easy to reach any team for sale in Europe. With more than 320,000 million euros in his back, Mohammed Bin Salman continues to cause debate regarding the arrival of third parties to football from the old continent.

Source: Bolavip

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