The reunion between Laurita Fernández and Federico Bal amid rumors of crisis with Nicolás Cabré

The comings and goings in the relationship between Laurita Fernández and Nicolás Cabré have no end. The host showed in her Instagram stories that she once again returned to her single apartment and is currently decorating it. The last photo he published with him is from a month ago and his followers are very attentive to his movements. It is for this reason that he was surprised by the good vibes he had with Federico Bal at a gamer event.

The Instagram account @ chusmeteando1 shared the photo of the moment in which the ex-partner crossed paths on stage. Apparently Laurita would have invited Fede to go on stage. He was sitting in the front row.

The journalist Vicky Braier, better known as @Juariu, was also alert. She shared another postcard of the meeting and wrote: “It is a necessity that this happens, today they become heroes and save us from this endless Wandagate.” And he added: “Please yes”, before the photo that showed a conspiratorial look between the ex-partner.

Laurita Fernández and Nicolás Cabré, again in crisis?

Ángel De Brito, who maintains a good relationship with his former partner Laurita Fernández, spoke about the issue on his program. “Laurita and Cabré are not separated, there is no distancing either, they are together,” he said.

“Yes it is true that they have separate houses, but in the same private neighborhood, and apart from that she has her apartment in Capital as well,” De Brito explained.

Although the separation was somewhat scandalous and with several names mentioned as third parties in contention, over time Laurita and Fede managed to smooth things over. She called him when Santiago Bal died and also when Federico received a cancer diagnosis.

“As for Fede, they finished very well; he loves Laura very much and she always spoke well of him. If there were no good vibes, I would not make him go on stage, or he would not lead an event where he is present,” added Ángel . The driver recalled that this year the ex-partner had a job offer. For her part, Yanina Latorre said what many think: “She is a very attractive television couple.”

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