The repercussions of the opposition in the face of resignations in the Government

After knowing that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner He asked Alberto a profound “swerve” and modification of the Cabinet, to which the President answered in the negative; Kirchnerism’s reaction was shocking: a large number of ministers and officials who respond to the vice president have resigned.

Faced with this “border” situation, the political arc has not remained indifferent on social networks, and it is the “little bird network” that was chosen by macristas, radicals and opponents to express their first impressions of the situation.

The national deputy for Together for Change Fernando Iglesias placeholder image was one of the most stinging, tweeting memes about it.

Also the national deputy and president of the Civic Coalition-ARI of the City of Buenos Aires, Paula OlivettoHe said that he feels ashamed because “at this time of crisis the government throws gasoline on the fire.” “Make no mistake, nobody resigned in an unswerving way. They are pressing Alberto to remove the ministers that Cristina does not want. They did it publicly, causing damage,” he said.

Martin TetazOn the other hand, he took the opportunity to ratify the need to change: “The more political instability there is in the ruling party, the clearer we have to explain and tell what the Argentina in which we are going to live from 2023 is like.”

“The critical social and economic context we are going through demands maximum institutional responsibility, not this show,” the radical senator began by saying. Luis Naidenoff.

Graciela Ocana, who seconded Diego Santilli in the list of Together for the Change of National Deputies for the Province of Buenos Aires, assured that “in a serious country the resignations are indeclinable. Put aside internal chess. They are killing themselves to see who has the power and in the middle are the Argentines “.

Mendoza’s national legislator Claudia Najul He also tweeted, saying that “there is no need for staging, management is needed,” and accusing the government of committing “phenomenal folly.”

Louis petri He used a metaphor and turned to literature to illustrate his point of view of the situation: “The cardboard King is naked and the Government is empty.” In addition, the Mendoza assured that the government has moved “to the Instituto Patria.”

Mario Negri on the other hand, he has directly asked the national government to “stop harming Argentina.”

The National Deputy of the Civic Coalition ARI-Cambiemos, Marcela Campagnoli has made a comparison of the situation with the recent elections: “The Argentine people have been much more civilized, expressing their disagreement at the polls than the ruling coalition, which by not digesting the result intends to behead its own experiment”


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