The referees of the Santa Fe Football League stop for lack of payment and acts of violence

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The referees of the Santa Fe League, in which amateur teams from Colón and Unión compete, will not be in the matches scheduled for next weekend, due to some delays in the payment of fees and acts of violence that were registered in children’s categories and seniors.

The decision made by the College of Referees of the Santa Fe League is based on the failure to collect more than half of the fees corresponding to the weekend and the “concern” about “various acts of violence” that occurred on the last date.

“This week the date 15 of First A, double date of First B, minor majors, minors and children, seniors and futsal, and more than 50% of the arbitration team did not receive their fees, thus causing endless inconveniences. to face different commitments, “said a statement from the entity.

The College of Arbitrators also referred to “the various acts of violence that occurred over the weekend, in addition to the incident that gained journalistic notoriety, such as a general brawl by two teams of inferiors.”

“We also suffered physical aggression from an assistant referee in the senior category, plus the various violent events that referees endure week after week (spitting, death threats, assaults with projectiles),” the text adds.

Faced with this situation, the arbitration entity requested “that the entire amount owed be paid during the week”, and that “the safety of both referees and all those who attend a league stadium be guaranteed.”

“This weekend the refereeing staff will be affected to carry out maintenance of the Santafesina League property, where painting works will be carried out,” the letter concludes.

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