The reason why Humberto Vélez stopped being the voice of “Homero”

‘The Simpson’ is, in its own right, one of the most popular series of all time. However, no one can deny that the identity of the most famous TV family changes from region to region, and in Latin America it is especially successful for its comical dubbing.

With more than 3 decades on the air, many have been those who have contributed their talent to profile ‘The Simpson’ locally; however, perhaps the most important of these is Humberto Velez, the Mexican actor who for more than 15 years lent his voice to “Homer Simpson”, establishing him as the protagonist that he is.

Francisco Humberto Velez Montiel, From Orizaba, Veracruz; is a renowned voice actor, over 35 years old. Besides being considered as the best dubbing of “Homer Simpson”, it is also the voice of “Winnie-Pooh”; “Lord Farquad” by ‘Shrek’; fluff cat ‘Stuart Little’, the “Mr. Gibbs” of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, among others.

Why did Humberto Vélez stop dubbing “Homero Simpson”?

Then yes Humberto Velez He is considered the best dubbing actor the character of “Homer Simpson” has ever had. Why did he stop doing it?

It turns out that, in 2005, Velez He was fired from his job as the voice of “Homero Simpson” – along with the entire dubbing cast – after the Mexican union of ANDA came into conflict with the company International Recordings and Dubbing (belonging to the gentlemen Millet Y Bilbatúa), claiming unequal working conditions compared to their US peers.

While Dan Castellaneta, the voice in English of “Homero Simpson” charged about $ 300 thousand dollars per program, in Mexico the voice actors charged about $ 600 pesos, a situation for which the union went on strike. The journey lasted about two years, without having a positive resolution for the union.

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