The Province advances in the intervention of the municipality of Salvador Mazza

In the early hours of today the provincial government will send a bill for the intervention of the municipal executive of the municipality of Salvador Mazza, published El Tribuno. The information was confirmed to El Tribuno after midnight by Matilde Morillo, Secretary General of the Interior.

The measure was taken due to the scandal and the serious crimes that are being investigated by Mayor Rubén Méndez. In yesterday’s operations it was discovered that he was hiding almost 200 million pesos in national currency, dollars and euros.

Although it was not revealed who will be the controller, the Government does not want to let more time run. Morillo specified that the intervention will be until the next election in 2023.

“The causes are so serious that they require an extraordinary remedy,” said the provincial official.

The history of Méndez’s administration is dotted with complaints and even a dismissal. That precisely happened in June 2017, in his first term. On February 25 of this year, the criminal prosecutor of Salvador Mazza, Armando Cazón, charged him with the crimes of embezzlement of public funds and breach of public official duties, in author’s degree.

As stated in the imputation decree, the mayor also committed the crime of embezzlement of public funds, since in two fiscal periods he failed to comply with the provisions of the Organic Charter, by not sending the budget of expenses for the year of exercise to the Council Deliberative, which was requested on various occasions through requests for a report.

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