The Pronif has an 11-month-old baby located in Madero in safekeeping

Through a press release, the State Procurator for Boys, Girls and the Family (Pronnif) announced that it is a minor of eleven months of age who remains in shelter, after being located in Francisco I. Madero.

Initially it emerged that there were two minors insured, because in the report to the emergency service it was stated that near the sports field of the Virginias ejido, there were the baby and a minor of some 3 years.

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In the statement issued this afternoon by the Pronnif at the regional level, it was announced that the personnel of that agency at the municipal level cared for an 11-month-old baby who was located, without adult supervision, who was sheltered at home. San Pedro Angels Home.

“Investigations are continuing to find the whereabouts of the parents, find out about the baby’s environment and confirm if he has siblings” ends the brief document.

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