The preventive move of Áxel Kicillof to deactivate the protests against him

The governor of Buenos Aires province, Axel Kicillof, took a drastic preventive measure to avoid protests against him. This morning it announced that it will grant an 11 percent increase to the Buenos Aires police, which was on the warpath and threatened demonstrations, as happened in 2020.

The Buenos Aires force had threatened to do “retention of tasks” if the salary situation of the uniformed men was not improved. The spark that sparked his anger was the announcement of graduate travel grants that the administration of Kicillof did last week.

“If there are 6,600 million for graduate trips, there is money for better salaries,” they explained in a Facebook profile called Policeman Claiming. There they also asked to reinstate 2,400 cops laid off, overtime changes, new uniforms, a hospital for the force and defense attorneys.

With this new increase of 11 percent, the salary increase for the Buenos Aires company will reach 46.5 percent in relation to what was perceived in 2020.

The announcement came during an event in Olavarría. “When we assumed we had scorched earth. A 20% drop in state workers’ salaries. A 25.7% drop in salaries in the province of Buenos Aires,” he said. Kicillof. “We have decided to equate with an annual 46.5% by the end of the year and if inflation passes we will equate it,” he added.


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