The plan that activated Kirchnerism with the resignation of Wado de Pedro

Three days before the elections, the effect of the defeat at the Front of All continues to grow. This Wednesday all officials linked to the Kirchnerism made their resignations available to the president Alberto Fernandez. Among them, the Minister of the Interior Peter’s Wado. However, behind this play there is a second intention: to force the rest of the officials to do the same. “Either you throw them out or we go,” seems to be the encrypted message.

The internal wounds within the ruling party are growing. The distance between Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is increasingly evident and crystallized with the presentation of the resignations of Fernanda Raverta (Anses), Luana Volnovich (PAMI), Martin Soria (Justice), Jorge Ferraresi (Territorial Development and Habitat), Juan Cabandié (Environment), Pablo Ceriani (president of Aerolineas Argentinas) and Roberto Salvarezza (Minister of Science and Technology) among other officials aligned with the vice president.

Eduardo “Wado” from Pedro.

But to understand the play it is also necessary to take into account that since Kirchnerism they have been putting pressure on the Chief Executive to make changes in his Cabinet. Specifically, they ask for the exit of Santiago Cafiero, Martin Guzman, Sabina Frederic and other trusted ministers of Alberto Fernandez.

In that arm wrestling is that the Kirchnerism hard and The field decided to move their chips and put their resignations at the disposal of the president Alberto Fernandez. With this move they intend to clearly mark the differences that exist and try to show the rest of the officials the path that everyone should follow.

Santiago Cafiero, Chief of Cabinet of the Nation.

But this is not an isolated event. The same happened in the province of Buenos Aires where provincial officials put their resignations at the disposal of the governor Axel Kicillof or in Santa Cruz with the cabinet of Alicia kirchner.

The message is clear. Kirchnerism demands changes and tries to force Alberto Fernandez to carry them out.

Now the ball was in the field of the president of the nation and his decision could lead to an open war in the ruling party. Precisely, in his last two public appearances the president had endorsed the ministers questioned as Martin Guzman and the chief of staff Santiago Cafiero.

He had even shown himself with a conciliatory profile different from the radicalized discourse that he is recommended to adopt from the environment of the vice president. The paradox is that if an irreparable rupture were to be generated, the consequences would negatively affect them all in the November 14 elections, in which they have the difficult task of reversing the PASO debacle.

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