The photos that Juana Repetto’s husband published after the strong rumors of a couple crisis

Juana Repetto and Sebastián Graviotto they got married in the middle of a pandemic and on their honeymoon they announced the arrival of their son, Belisarius. But since the baby’s arrival, the couple has faced several rumors of a crisis, something that Juana was in charge of denying.

The truth is that the rumors did not end, but this time it was Sebastián who came out to clarify the speculations. Through his Instagram, he shared images with his wife where they look very good.

In the posts shared by Juana Repetto’s husband, the couple is seen in two selfies, in the first, he can be seen smiling and in the second, the couple makes funny gestures in front of the camera. In the publication Sebastián only took care of writing: “I love you”.

On the other hand, true to her style, Juana a few weeks ago and on more than one occasion, laughed at the rumors that link them to a relationship crisis and clarified that she is still with her baby’s father. In addition to Belisario, the son they have in common, the couple has Toro and Luperta, thus forming a beautiful assembled family.

The truth is that the rumors appeared after the arrival of Belisario, something that was associated with the changes in the routine that a newborn carries in the life of the family.

Finally, despite the rumors, the couple enjoy moments together and share with their children. They were recently in the snow and uploaded photos of the trip to their networks. Now Sebastián shares photos of them together declaring his love to his wife, so the rumors of the crisis are once again left behind.

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